Why Vood

Because it’s better for you, better for your community and better for the environment.

Vood is a purpose-driven food start-up

We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of more plant-based meals in their diets, and we want to make this as easy to achieve as possible. We work with amazing local vendors to source the very best produce and local chefs to design incredible plant-based meals. Our design team creates new and innovative varying menus of plant-based meals that are produced on-site at Vood HQ in Canberra. You can quickly and easily order these meals on-demand to be delivered to your door through our easy-to-use Vood online ordering platform.

Our lean approach delivers on our sustainable promise

Sustainability is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. We are focused on building a responsible and impact-focused business by reducing the net environmental impact of our operations wherever possible and continuously innovating our supply chain to minimise waste and maximise the social benefit of what we do.

Vood is a community, not just another food service

We attract and grow communities, not just customers. We’ve done the research and we know that now, more than ever, people want to add more plant-based meals to their diets. Our community values transparency, sustainability, and making conscious food choices. But life is busy, so it’s our mission to ensure we make this as easy as possible for anyone to achieve.

When you order with Vood, your experience doesn’t simply end when you receive your meals. As a certified Voodie, we provide you with specific support across your Vood journey that supplements and enhances our meal program. This includes food education, recipes, information on our produce sources, provenance data and more.

Our team is built on shared passion and professional experience

Our team has worked in and around the food industry in Canberra and the wider region for decades.

We understand that consumers are rightly demanding more from vendors and producers and have first-hand experience helping to provide communities with access to high-quality, reliable and trustworthy produce and products.


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