What is Vood?

Vood is a plant-based food delivery service. We produce restaurant-quality meals designed by local chefs, prepared using local produce, available on demand.

Where are Vood meals cooked and prepared?

In our custom-built facility in Canberra.

How does it work?

Check out The Vood Chain:

  1. We create: we work with highly regarded local chefs to design a constantly varied menu of plant-based meals and partner with local suppliers to source the very best local produce.
  2. You choose your meals: you build a weekly Vood box or order individual meals from our menu. You can also add extras.
  3. We cook your meals: our team of chefs cook and package your meals in our custom-built facility, ready for you to prepare following our simple instructions.
  4. We deliver to your door: we deliver your fresh meals weekly to your door in sustainable packaging.
  5. You craft your meals your way: your meals arrive ready for you to serve with minimal preparation, or, if you’re feeling creative, ready for you to craft with additional serving suggestions and menu additions to enhance your dining experience. The choice is in your hands, with our support.

What is a plan?

Our plans are a simple, transparent and cost-effective way to set up a regular rhythm of meal delivery.   

A plan is a completely flexible purchasing model that enables you to have meals delivered weekly. You select the serving size, the number and type of meals, and can cancel at any time, with no cost. You can change the meals you order from your Plan Overview every week, otherwise receive the same meals subject to any menu changes and set and forget.

Can I choose my meals each week?

Yes, you have complete control over what is included in your Vood box. Plus, our menu changes weekly so there are always new dishes to try.

Why should I choose a subscription?

A plan lets you plan ahead for your week, helping you to build great eating habits each week and make mealtimes easy, quick and interesting.  

Can I do a one-off order?

Yes, choose from our revolving menu here.

How do I sign up and get started?

Follow the easy and straight forward steps below:

  1. Click Get Started or click here
  2. Let us know how you want to Vood - a weekly plan or a one-off order
  3. Let us know how many Voodies you are feeding
  4. Let us know the number of meals you would like to receive each week
  5. Click Start Your Plan
  6. Select your meals, along with any extras
  7. Enter your account, delivery, and payment details
  8. Review your order and submit

When do I order?

You can order from our website at any time. Our Voodies will need to order before 11:59PM Monday, to ensure meals are delivered on the Friday.


What meals does Vood offer?

We work with highly regarded local chefs to create a dynamic, weekly revolving menu of exciting plant-based meals made from local, seasonal produce. We champion small producers and suppliers and constantly change our menu to ensure there is always something new on the menu that champions what our local region has to offer.

We design our menus for variety and reliability, providing a mix of savoury and sweet healthy main meals and snacks to ensure that we cater to a wide spectrum of taste preferences and that there will always be something that catches your eye and satisfies your tastebuds.

We also put the power in your hands when it comes to preparation. You can do it your way and prepare our meals with minimal effort or add your own finishing touches. We have designed our meals to allow flexibility and ease so they fit into your lifestyle.

Are Vood meals made fresh?

Fresh is our middle name. We have shortened the supply chain by partnering with local suppliers to source the very best fresh, local, seasonal produce.

Are Vood meals vegan?

Yes, we’re 100% vegan and plant-based. Our mission is to help people shift some of their weekly eating to plant-based meals by introducing delicious, accessible and ready to craft meals that take the hard work out of discovering how good plant-based eating really is.

Does Vood offer gluten free meals?

We offer plenty of gluten free options and ensure each of our products clearly identifies all dietaries and allergens.

What is the shelf-life of Vood meals?

Our meals last 7 days when refrigerated properly. We provide plain English information regarding all our meals to ensure you know when and how to best consume our meals.  

To assist in increasing shelf-life, we use a safe and effective Modified Atmosphere Packaging process.

Is there cooking involved?

That is entirely up to you!

Our meals arrive ready to be immediately heated and served, or enjoyed as they are.

If you’re feeling creative, or want to learn some new skills from our team of chef’s, we offer quick easy to follow preparation suggestions, free online voodeos (video demonstrations) and recipe additions to elevate your dining experience.

Can I customise my meal?

We provide meals on an “as is” basis and are unable to offer any customisation. We offer a variety of meals to meet most allergen, dietary requirements and taste preferences. Refer to the product descriptions alongside each meal to find out more.

Can I freeze my meals?

Our meals can be frozen, with our chefs recommending defrosting in the fridge overnight before consuming.

Can I recycle my packaging?

To help keep our collective environmental footprint as low as possible there are additional measures you can take from home to ensure you are recycling our packaging correctly. Dispose the cardboard box, meal trays and sleeves in your normal kerbside recycling. Dispose your foil liner, meal seal film and empty gel bags at soft plastic collection points. Gel ice packs can be emptied into your garden, or alternatively mixed with salt and emptied in your sink, as the means of emptying.


How are my meals delivered?

Your meals are delivered fresh by a fleet of refrigerated vehicles.

Will I be notified when my meals are delivered?

Yes. You will receive notification via email and SMS the evening before delivery, when your order is up for delivery next, and once your order has been delivered.

Do I have to be at home to accept my delivery?

No. We’ll always leave it somewhere safe and out of the elements if possible. But keep in mind our meals are not designed to be left unrefrigerated for longer than a few hours so once you have received delivery notification, it is best to head home or organise someone to collect it for you.

Can I specify a delivery time?

No, we cannot meet specific delivery-time requests, but we do ensure you are provided an estimated time of arrival the morning of your delivery.

Where and when do you deliver?

We deliver to NSW, VIC and ACT once a week on Friday.

If you aren’t in one of our delivery areas, please contact us to discuss potential solutions.

When are the cut-off times?

11:59PM Monday for a Friday delivery.

Can I pick-up my order?

No, pick-up is not available.

Can I refund or return my order?

If you have received an incorrect order or are missing parts of your order, you must notify us within 12 hours of delivery. We will remedy any mistakes made on our end through replacements, refunds or a coupon code.

Do you recollect meal delivery boxes for reuse?

Unfortunately, our recent change in delivery processes, coinciding with elevated health risks due to Covid-19, means that we will no longer be able to collect our boxes for re-use. Rest assured that our boxes specifically were designed to be 100% recyclable. We are continually researching other ways we can minimise and offset our environmental impact throughout our operations to ensure that we, and you, do our bit to minimise food packaging waste.


Can I modify, pause or cancel my plan at any time?

Yes, you can modify, pause or cancel your plan at any time so long as it’s before the weekly cut-off times. We are all about transparency. There is no term, no cancellation fee and no hidden costs.


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