Meet Vood

Chef designed, plant-based meals, developed locally and delivered to you.

Hi Voodie. We’re so glad you’ve made it here. Whether you are looking for ways to eat more sustainably and healthily, to take the stress of cooking out of a busy life or you just like great food – we’ve got you covered with our plant-based approach.

We’re a food services company making it easy for local communities to source high-quality, plant-based meals through an intuitive and easy-to-use website and online ordering service. Our meals are developed by local chefs, use local produce, and are supported by a close network of local suppliers.

Our customers told us about how hard it was to reduce animal products in their diet and cook plant-based meals that tasted good. Our mission is to help people shift some of their weekly eating to plant-based meals by introducing delicious, accessible and ready to craft meals that take the hard work out of discovering how good plant-based eating really is.

We’ve worked in food services since before we could say broccoli. While food trends have come and gone, one constant is the shared interest across communities (and within our team) to eat more plants and less animal products. After finding it was harder than it should be to access balanced, delicious, plant-based meals, we decided to collaborate with local business across the food chain and develop a solution.

Vood is your go-to plant-based meal delivery service. We connect primary producers with local chefs to produce restaurant quality, ready-to-craft meals that are delivered fresh to your door, on demand.

Frank Iannelli

Head Voodie

Frank is a third generation fruit and vegetable merchant with deep family lineage in fresh produce, farming, retail and wholesale distribution. Frank, along with his brother Giuseppe, are the owners of Canberra’s biggest omni wholesaler Alpha Fresh. Frank prides himself on zealously supplying Canberra and the surrounding regions with exceptional produce, sourcing the best quality seasonable produce available, and fostering and supporting direct relationships with local farmers and suppliers.

Greg Lally

Head Voodie

Greg is an experienced executive with background in building businesses and brands. A chartered accountant by training, with over a decade’s experience in large public sector and not for profit organisations, he is deeply networked in the Canberra business community. Greg is co-founder of successful restaurants XO and ILY, and has played a central role in defining and executing operational strategy that has seen both restaurants grow rapidly into commercially successful, large local employers. He is passionate about sustainable business and the opportunities for small to medium sized enterprises to integrate environmental, social and governance policy as a driver of shared economic returns.


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