Vood Ethos

There are two guiding principles that underpin everything we do at Vood:

Go plants first
Go local first

They may be simple, but they influence all aspects of our mission and all levels of our business model.

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Go plants first

Personal experience and reliable, verifiable scientific evidence suggest that a diet predominantly made up of plants delivers significant personal health benefits and has a direct positive impact on the environment.

However, we are pragmatic in our perspective and recognise that for many, exploring these benefits will be about transition to more plant-based meals, rather than an immediate switch.

Going plants first is about making that first conscious step to try to increase the number of plant-based meals you consume over the next 7 days and at Vood, our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you.

Go local first

Quality, provenance of produce and trust in the quality and safety of finished products is critical to making the best food choices.

Shortening the food chain by prioritising local suppliers is one of the easiest way to make sure that the food you eat reflects these characteristics.

We build long term relationships with local suppliers and only work with those that are aligned with our approach to sustainability and transparency. Not only does this give us improved understanding of who we are doing business with and what we are sourcing, it also improves our ability to source interesting, seasonal produce from our own region.

The strength of these relationships not only helps us regularly introduce new and interesting meals onto our menu but enables us to pass through these assurances of quality, safety and provenance to you.

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